The thought of creating ORE ( Other Rag enterprise ) Store popped out after meeting juggernauts of great friends, artists, writers, and fellow designers. We had great chances to travel overseas and see such staggering diversity in youth cultures and opportunities. It made our roots even more solid and driven to enthuse the locals and support the myriad aptitude towards fashion, culture, and art !


A Great Chance Aptitude

Surabaya established a perfect balance between the laidback style of Bali and the vehement lifestyle of Jakarta. This allows its dwellers to have versatile flair in dressing up. Simply put, ORE reflects personal characters, not the endless merry-go-round cycle of trends. ORE is right in the middle of the commotion. The store has been standing for more than a decade, and been & will always dedicated to continue to showcase the niche and distinctive currated pieces of the best international and local fashion brands to you.