NEWS | Staffpicks #03 : City-Wanderer

Staffpicks #03 : City-Wanderer

BY NOBODY 27 / 01 / 2022

What's the best way to enjoy a city? Well we say by taking a walk. Slowly and thoroughly you'll find trivial things that skip your sight, and might surprises you. That detailed ornament houses on the corner of the street, or the pattern of pedestrian that you didn't notice before.


If you're going for a walk, put on something that is easy to wear and comfortable in the long run. In this #CityWandering session, we'd recomend to put on the classic heavy-weight-and-sturdy #Champion Tshirt,




with light & water-repellant #Ripstop Shipyard Cargo pants for a breeze walk.


Oh, and that easy to wear #Cot3Strapu Supergas? They're the perfect choices for on-the-go impromptu walks anytime you want.

If the weather is getting unbearable, put on #KarstOuter that are light and comfortable. All terrain ready.DSCF4798

Carrying a pocket-camera or notebooks ? might as well pack them all on the #TacticalSlingBag with your other essentials.
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