BY CLAUDIA PURBA 24 / 01 / 2017

KLAR is an accessory line based in Jakarta Indonesia.

Developed by Talita Natalia in 2013, KLAR started the first collection in April 2014. The name KLAR is the German for Clear which refers to our main material, acrylic. It was chosen as the main material of our accessories for its entity that could look invisible yet solid concurrently. It shows the philosophy of our design; a silent statement. Mainly inspired by interior, architecture, graphic, and feelings makes the design of our accessories looks structural yet fluid.

VAN is the favourite one from KLAR newest collection; "Edition 2". A half-circle necklace made from acrylic and combine with some freeze bubble fluid inside. Have 3 ways to wear made van more special for you who loved monochrome — edgy looks. Shop full collections from KLAR here.